Hartland Street Dance, Hartland, WI

An annual evening event held in the Hartbrook Mall parking lot, the Hartland Street Dance features live music, children’s games, food and drink.

Strategies - To address the large volume of aluminum and PET bottles sold during the event, recycling containers are set up throughout the bar areas and near the bathrooms. Each recycling container is set next to a trash barrel, is clearly labeled and is emptied periodically throughout the night.

Who’s Involved – The Street Dance is run by the Hartland Chamber of Commerce with the help of many volunteers. As a chamber organization there is a history of strong cooperation between many of the businesses in the Hartland area for this event. Recycling at the event is set up and maintained by volunteers from the Waukesha County Recycling staff.

How it Operates - The Hartland Street Dance had experienced problems with recycling in the past, so a new strategy was developed for 2005 by bringing in the expertise of the Waukesha County Recycling staff. Based on the number of beverages sold at the event in 2004, staff decided that fifteen Link-A-Bag recycling containers were needed. These containers were set up on the day of the event by two volunteers. Each container was paired with a trash barrel and was clearly labeled as a receptacle for aluminum cans and PET bottles. Since all drinks served at the Street Dance were in aluminum cans and PET bottles this eased confusion about what could be recycled and what couldn’t. Volunteers were in charge of switching out full recycling bags throughout the night. At the end of the event all bags were emptied into the designated 2-yard recycling dumpster and the Link-A-Bag containers were broken down. ONYX picked up the dumpster that evening and reported on the next business day that the event had produced 6 yards of clean recyclables. Set up and take down, as well as maintaining the bins throughout the night was easily handled by two people.

Benefits - Because every recycling container was paired with a trash barrel and was clearly labeled there was almost no contamination in the recyclables. This led to 6 yards of clean recyclables that went to ONYX.

Challenges - The one challenge encountered was the exponential increase in beverages served (and disposed of) as the night went on. Three hours into the event the bags were only about 1/8 full and few of them needed to be changed out. Coming back three hours later the bags were overflowing and many had broken free from the link-a-bag stand. In the future it will be imperative that the bags be switched out more frequently towards the end of the night when the adult crowd replaces the child-centered crowd.

Advice - The key to success at a mid-scale event such as the Street Dance was planning and placement. Recycling was brought up early in the planning stages and was approached as just another component of the event (not an optional one). Once recycling was on the agenda it was a matter of making sure all went smoothly at the event. This was accomplished through placing every recycling container next to a trash barrel, which made for nearly error-proof recycling by Street Dance attendees.

Courtney Marschalek of the Waukesha County Recycling staff coordinated recycling at the Hartland Street Dance with the enthusiastic support of the Hartland Chamber of Commerce.

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