How to Use This Electronic Tool Kit

There are certain steps to planning a successful waste reduction and recycling program for any public place. Browse the How-to Resources for time-tested rules, tips, insights and trade secrets of Public Place Recycling:

  • Knowing Your Trash - Determining what, how much and where.
  • Considering Containers - Choosing and using bins strategically.
  • Involving Haulers - Striking the right deal for services.
  • Involving Cleaning Crews - Planning, training and trouble-shooting.
  • Involving Vendors - Considering recycling where trash is born.
  • Involving the Public - Boosting participation and preventing mistakes.
  • Trouble-Shooting Tips - Spotting and fixing problems on the spot.
  • Events and Festival Planner's Recycle Guide - A Planning Manual.
  • Souvenir Cups & Refills - Considerations for using souvenir cups.

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