Why Do Sporting Venues Recycle?

Surveys show that most Wisconsin residents are strongly committed to recycling. Gyms, stadiums, playing fields, arenas, parks, golf courses and clubs offer the public and other site users an opportunity to reduce waste and recycle. Here's why ...

  • Wisconsin has a recycling law. It is more pertinent than ever with the popularity of sports drinks, water and other beverages in plastic bottles -- the bottles are subject to law. So are metal cans and glass bottles.
  • Hungry and thirsty fans and players create a lot of trash.
  • Recycling saves money. The materials have value and separating them from trash reduces landfill fees and taxes.
  • Relationships with vendors, service providers and fans give sporting facility managers control that contributes to recycling success as a part of everyday operations.
  • Recycling shows responsibility, supports local industries and reduces our reliances on foreign oil and resources - it's patriotic!
  • People will thank you for making their efforts count.

How do Sporting Venues Recycle?

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